Friday, April 3, 2009

Hair, Cubes, Glucose, oh my!

First I'll go for the glucose! That's right. this past thursday I had my 1 hour glucose test. I had to take it at lab corp and because I was so tired I didn't wake up until about an hour before I wanted to be there. So that took care of the food thing. I was told to eat light by my doctor, so i had a few handfuls of peanuts and some water before I want. When I got there it took a good 20 minutes to even have my name called... who would have thought Lab Corp would be so busy on a Thursday morning. Well then I told the receptionist that I was there for the glucose test and she pulled out this tropicana sized bottle of red stuff. I was kind of horrified because it was more than I was expecting to have to drink. She told me I had five minutes to drink it. So I sat down, read that it was the "fruit punch" flavored one, and started drinking. And suprisingly, it was not that bad. It tasted like normal ole' regular fruit punch, just a little bit sweeter. I ended up drinking it in about 1 minute. Then the waiting began. You have to wait for an hour, no food or drink (including water) before your blood can be drawn. This wasn't too bad because I had my text book, but for some reason I was really tired (despite the sugar) and I have trouble reading when I'm tired. So I ended up just sitting there staring at the clock. :/ And I had to pee, but what's new, right! So finally an hour was up and I went back to have my blood drawn, which is always fun. All in all though, things weren't too bad. I'm not sure when I'll get my results back, but I'll probably call my doctor on Tuesday or Wednesday to see if he's heard anything yet.

Anyhow, I was busy all day after that. I had to hurry off to seeds of wellness in hamden immediately after for a school project and then, I had to hurry home to get to my hair appointment on time. That's THIS part of the blog. I don't normally get high lights, but I did the last time I had my hair cut. Well, the bleach stuff made my hair kind of dry and recently that's been bothering me and has been really making me want to get my soft hair back. My layers were also growing further apart and so I wanted to get my hair cut. So, I made the appointment and off I went. I decided to get my hair dyed back to the dark brown that I had it dyed over the summer. She used a low-potency dye so I wasn't worried about it. Then I had the dye washed out ... and they used this new shampoo that was like heaven. I mean having your hair scrubbed by someone else is heaven anyhow, but when it smells good... ten times better :)
So anyway, I decided to have my lower layers cut off, which made my hair a lot shorter than it was. But I'm completely okay with that because it's back to it's dark brown softness that I missed oh so much!

So on to the last of my post title updates. A week or two ago Justin and i bought a set of cube shelves from target to kind of match the color of the furniture in the baby's room. Well, they've been sitting in the box waiting to be put together, but I haven't had time or energy to do it. Well I finally decided to put them together this week. It's nine cubes that when put together is kind of like a book shelf. We were planning on hanging it above the changing table, but unfortunately it doesn't hang... in fact it specifically says to not hang it in the instructions. So we set it up next to the crib and are going to use the cubes for toys and books. And I might mention that it looks FANTASTIC. It fits perfectly with the room and I'm so excited about it. Of course I don't have a picture yet though. I should have taken one today while it was sunny but I spent my sunshine breaking down the HUGE furniture boxes sitting on our porch, sweeping the porch, and picking up dog poo! What a great day, ha ha.

To finish the night, I just finished making my shower invitations, and they really turned out great. I'm definitely going to have to keep one to put in a scrap book.

Oh... and I have to mention that Jackson was going a little crazy last night. He has recently starting kicking up high (or punching if he's still breech). It's not in the ribs so it doesn't hurt but it's definitely new. Anyway, he was moving away last night as we were going to bed, and he finally let Justin feel him again. Justin was pretty happy about this but I think I was more happy about it. Justin commented that his movements were pretty strong, so we're hoping that means he's growing well and is nice and healthy.

Anyway. That has been my week. I have a Friday night off and I plan to possibly go to bed early. How strange!
Oh.. and my sister-in-laws birthday is tomorrow so... Happy Birthday Wenke!!!

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