Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Victory. 13

With each day that passes, I count down the days left until I can count up another week. And with each week that passes we mark that as a small victory in this long journey we're in. So today we celebrate the victory of week 13. To us this victory means one more uneventful week has passed successfully, the baby has been able to hold on one more week to develop and grow, and that we are one more week closer to welcoming our new addition. With one more week down we pray that the weeks will continue to pass just like they have and that a positive end to the journey remains in our future.

In speaking of victory, I cannot go without mentioning the Ravens exciting victory over the Jaguars landing us the wild card spot in the playoffs. Back in June when tickets went on sale, Justin and I had two computers and probably three phones going trying to score tickets to either the Redskins or Steelers games. We were excited that we were finally able to get tickets about 1/2 hour into the ordeal but we were a little bummed that we had tickets to the last game of the year. Little did we know this would ultimately be the most important game of the season, and now we're glad the way things turned out. Our tickets turned out to be in section 552, which we expected. So, after climbing 5 flights of stairs to the top, we looked at our tickets to find that we were row 32... THE VERY TOP ROW, and another 32+ steps to climb. phew. When we finally made it to the top we had a wonderful view of the stadium and a wonderful view of the city, but a not so great view of the players. But we fought the stairs, and the wind, and the crowd standing up for practically every play, and we had a great time.

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