Saturday, December 27, 2008

I take some things back.

I just thought I should share that I thought about chips and salsa ALL night at work and when i got home, at 3 AM, I finished off the jar of salsa in the fridge (with a little help from Jiff). So filming for Revenge of the Heartburn will probably begin shortly. ( I only mention this because I previously said I only crave crab dip.... oops.)

I also must take back the fact that I said I haven't had to make too many middle of the night potty breaks. In fact, the past THREE nights in a row I've had to get out of bed just around 5 am. ugh. But. I was told by some friends to remember the time you generally wake up to pee because you'll probably be waking up to feed around those same times when the baby is here.... so if that's true, 5 AM I can deal with.

And lastly. I must take back my no longer need for afternoon naps. They have become a necessity again ever since I posted that blog. Foolish me.


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