Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas and such.

Because of our recent history we made the decision early on not to share any baby news with the families until we were sure everything was okay. Because our second visit to the doctor's was not until December 18th, we figured Christmas would be a great time to spread the news.

After a lot of discussing we decided that we would buy my parents and his parents ornaments. My parents opened theirs on Christmas eve. It was a snowman (with Justin's name on it) and a snowwoman (with my name) that was pregnant. The snowwoman was holding a scroll that said Due 7/7 and the ornament had an attachment that said Great Expectations. It definitely took them a while but eventually my mom started crying and my dad got it shortly later.

After spending Christmas morning with my family at my grandmother's, we headed to Justin's aunt's for Christmas dinner with his family. We weren't exchanging gifts with his parents until this morning (Friday morning) but we gave them one that we said was "special". This ornament had 5 penguins riding a sleigh. In order we had written on them Scott (Justin's dad), Kathy (Justin's mom), Justin, and Sam. A little penguin was between the Justin and Sam penguins so we had Baby Smith written on his had. His mom looked through, made it all the way to sam and then took a double take which is when she figured it out. And then came the hugs and tears.

All in all we found out that the ornaments (that you can get in the mall around Christmas time) turned out to be a great gift to share the news. In fact, I found a couple ornaments for ourselves that made it to our tree this Christmas.

After opening the rest of our gifts with Justin's parents today, we decided to head to Kid's Quarters in Bel Air after hearing that they are having a store closing sale. We saw a crib bedding set in the store in White Marsh that was Noah's Arc and I loved it so I wanted to check it out to see if maybe it would be cheaper here. Turns out, this originally $250.00 bedding set was only $100.00 so we decided to get it since Noah's Arc is pretty gender neutral.

We are super excited about this purchase, especially since Justin's mom can help us a lot with art for the baby's room, and we are a hundred times more excited now that we've shared the news with the family.


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