Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween and Updates

So our big update this post is that Jackson is now eating rice cereal. And he's eating it like a champ. He opens his mouth to take a bite, and when you're not quick enough, he's grabbing for the spoon. Speaking of biting, we also think that Jax is teething. He certainly is chewing on everything and his hand has not come out of his mouth for like three days. To combat this issue, we've taken a liking to pedialyte popsicles. The pediatrician said it was okay to give him the juice or some water in between meals, so why not frozen juice. Jackson's definitely a fan. He's also a fan of chewing on my fingers, his sleeves, and books. Oh boy! On top of the cereal and teething, Jackson is now a pro at rolling onto his back, which makes bed time difficult since he sleeps on his tummy. But, our boy loves to fight sleep so as soon as we put him in the crib, he flips over and just lays there and cries until we roll him back over. Oh how I long for the day he can roll back to front!!!

For our annual Halloween party at Will and Brittney's, Jackson was dressed as a Ninja Turtle. For Halloween Night, since he was far too fussy for his costume, he was dressed as a skeleton. I had to work so Justin spent the night with Jackson watching scary movies and handing out candy. Hopefully next year when we actually take Jackson trick or treating I won't have to work!

Jackson has his four month check up on Monday. He's due to get more shots, which I'm not a fan of. And hopefully we'll find out where our big boy is on the growth charts.

Since I'm blessed with a quiet house right now (Justin's working) here's some pics that some people have been asking for. Enjoy!

Jackson enjoying his freezie pop

Skeleton Boy on Halloween with his pumpkin cup
Wondering why there's no candy in his bucket!?!
Getting into Halloween Spirits with Daddy
Auntie Krista at the Halloween Party
Uncle Matt as the ShamWow guy
Doctor Mom and My little Ninja Turtle

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